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The Primary Tools & Protective Equipment Drilling Workers Need

Full directional drilling for utility (phone line, water, sewer, gas, or crude) and pipeline construction is much easier to complete with the right equipment. HDD Tool and Supply in Tulsa, Oklahoma, sells downhole tools made to withstand frequent use. We help keep contractors safe by providing personal protective equipment as well.

Pipe Rollers

An effective way to move pipes and make sure they are not damaged in the process is by utilizing sturdy rollers. Our selection of rollers ranges from 2 inches up to 24 inches, and they can be used for transporting steel pipes.

Drilling Fluids

We have partnered with Wyo-Ben to offer contractors a variety of drilling fluids. These specific types of fluids are used for lubricating and cooling bits that are used for drilling into rock and dirt.

Safety Helmet

Bit Styles

• (PDC)
• Duckbill
• Roller Cone

Hand Tools Available Include:

• Shovels
• Rakes
• Brooms
• Probe Bars
• Flute Reamers
• Stacked Plate Reamers

Personal Protective Equipment:

• Safety Glasses
• Safety Vests
• FR Clothing
• Hard Hats

Pipe Pulling:

• HDPE Fuseable Pull Head